Is there any difference between different specifications of straight slotted steel pipe?

Straight slit steel pipe is a kind of welded steel pipe, which is widely used in daily life. Many people who come into contact with pipeline engineering have heard of straight slotted steel pipes. But do you all know the difference between different specifications of straight slotted steel tubes? Let’s see!

There are many kinds of steel pipes. According to the welding method, steel tubes can be divided into straight seam steel tubes and spiral steel tubes. The properties of the two steel tubes are also different due to their different welding methods. The welded pipe can also be subdivided according to the different USES of the pipe. There are generally the following types: ordinary welded pipe, wire sleeve, automobile pipe, oxygen blown pipe, electric welded thin wall pipe. There are many kinds of steel pipes in practical application, which are not listed here.

Common welded pipe: the main function of common welded pipe is to transfer some fluids. In the production process, usually welded pipes are made of mild steel, which is easier to be welded by electric welding. The steel pipe shall conform to the specification of thickened steel pipe. Nominal pressure piping is used for pressure, bending, deformation and other tests. To pass such tests, although the delivery length for common welded pipes is 4 to 10 meters, they must have certain requirements for the production process and quality of common welded pipes.

With the development of modern welded pipe technology, the quality of straight welded pipe is getting better and better. At this stage, straight-slit steel tubes can replace most steel tubes and are used in many aspects of engineering.

Metric welded pipe: the specification of metric welded pipe is the same as that of stainless steel pipe. The metric welded pipe is made of ordinary carbon steel, high-quality carbon steel or general low-kinetic energy improved alloy steel, and then is welded by cold and hot strip welding, or cold drawing after welding by hot strip welding technology.

Metric welded pipes are divided into ordinary pipes and thin-walled pipes. They are commonly used to construct prefabricated parts, such as automobile drive shafts or fluid mechanics for transport operations. Thin-walled tubes are used in enterprise production technology, furniture manufacturing, lighting equipment and so on. Test for compressive strength and tensile properties of welded steel tubes.

Idler tube: Idler tube is a special kind of steel tube. It is mainly used for electric welding of steel tube for belt idler. During the production process, pressure and deformation tests are required.

Spiral welded steel tube: according to the spiral Angle set by general structural steel or low alloy structure (called forming Angle), the high carbon steel strip can be cold rolled into a tube billet, and then welded together to form a straight welded steel tube and spiral welded pipe suitable for petrochemical transportation. Their specifications depend largely on the type of steel pipe. Helical welded steel tubes are available for single and double side welding as well as front and back welding. The welded pipe should ensure that the welding pressure test, compressive strength and cold drawing performance is better, meet the design requirements.

Post time: Sep-17-2020